Malta’s milestones: reflections of a British-Maltese youth

2024 marks two momentous events in Malta’s history and its special relationship with the United Kingdom: the 60th anniversary of gaining Independence from Britain and the 50th of Malta becoming a Republic.

2024 holds special significance for me as a British-Maltese youth: it marks two momentous events in Malta’s history and our special relationship with the United Kingdom. The 60th anniversary of gaining Independence from Britain and the 50th of Malta becoming a Republic stand as powerful reminders of the resilience and pride embedded in my dual heritage.

Mutual respect and shared values

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Malta gaining independence from Britain in 1964. As a product of both cultures, this milestone holds a unique place in my heart. It’s a chance to appreciate the shared history, acknowledging the complexities of a colonial past while celebrating the strength that comes from overcoming challenges.

The relationship between Malta and the United Kingdom has evolved into a partnership built on mutual respect and shared values. As proud product of both nations, the 60th anniversary invites me to explore the roots of this relationship, recognising the diplomatic ties that persist between the two nations and appreciating the positive aspects of the historical connection.

Malta’s journey to republichood

In 1974, Malta transitioned into a republic, a moment that continues to echo through generations. As I continue to search and learn about my heritage, I continue to be filled with pride at the determination of the Maltese people to shape their destiny. The transition to a republic symbolises the triumph of self-determination, a beacon of hope that resonates with the resilient spirit of the Maltese people.

I find myself standing at the crossroads of history, grateful for the freedom and opportunities these decisions have afforded me. The 50th anniversary serves as an opportunity not just for celebration, but also for reflection on the strides Malta has made as a republic, embracing democracy and fostering a strong national identity.

The only other country she called home

One cannot delve into Maltese history without acknowledging the enduring relationship between Malta and the British Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, hold a special place in the hearts of many Maltese people. The island’s historical ties with the monarchy, marked by the Queen’s residence in Malta during the early years of her marriage, add a layer of sentiment to this celebratory year.

Looking forward

In 2024, I am not only honouring the past but also looking toward the future with optimism. The celebrations that will take place serve as a reminder that, as a British-Maltese youth, I carry the responsibility of preserving the legacy of these historic events. The lessons learned from the struggles and triumphs of the past will undoubtedly shape the path ahead, fostering a sense of pride and connection to both my Maltese and British roots.

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