Massacre of the innocent

The problem for the EU leaders was that they now had two wars: in one they chose to champion the rights of independence and freedom against the invaders, while in the other they threw their weight behind the invaders who, by the way, happen to have been occupiers since 1967.

Starting this new year feeling sick with being on the same platform with the hypocritical West is extremely odd.

Like it or not, whether one had voted yes or no in the 2003 referendum, it is the price for having joined a European Union bent on a right-wing surge based on populism and quasi-fascism. Even so-called ideological allies within the European Parliament have, often times, chosen to toe the line, to the extent of supporting extreme, pumped-up anti-Malta resolutions, of course callously abetted by Nationalist Opposition MEPs with their own little political agendas.

The EPP group is big and a bully. EPP-governed EU Member States hardly ever get a rebuke, sometimes getting away with a pat on the shoulder, a wink and a prayer – the Bulgaria issue in particular. Big Member States like Hungary and other Eastern European countries feel free to defy agreements on hot issues like migration. For all the fuss made over the recent “achievement” of a Migration Pact, it is merely a manifestation of the EU trying to cling to what credibility it has left. Malta’s Home Affairs Minister, Byron Camilleri, immediately had the pact analysed, packaged, and delivered back to its sender. It just won’t work.

The blatant hypocrisy that Europe has consistently shown over the two current big wars raging in Ukraine and the Middle East has been condemned by the vast majority of EU citizens and people everywhere in the world. Both European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, and her partner at the European Parliament, our own mirror-mirror-on-the-wall princess Roberta Metsola, were quick on the trigger soon as Putin pushed the first tank onto Ukrainian territory. They joined the United States in flooding the ex-clown with arms, munitions, and billions of tax-payer money. People were impressed. Europe is for democracy, the Russians are the villains (they are, in this case), and the arms dealers and producers could happily get to work – against an invoice.

Then, Netanyahu’s Israel was caught napping in a vicious Hamas attack, rightly condemned by the world. Ah, Israel has the right to defend itself, said the Biden satellites of Europe. The justified reaction quickly outgrew into the destruction of Gaza and the West Bank, with more than 22,000 (to date) Palestinians dead, among them a horrific number of innocent women and children. Collective punishment was and still is the zionist order of the day.

Europe again did not hesitate to take sides. Again, the von der Leyen-Metsola tandem went straight to Jerusalem to show how supportive they are of Israel, the state created out of Palestinian soil in 1948. They watched, with open mouths and astonished eyes, as they were told the stories of beheaded babies and raped women, none of which have been substantiated by evidence, except for the fake photos some Mossad guy shared on social media.

The problem for them was that they now had two wars: in one (Ukraine) they chose to champion the rights of independence and freedom against the invaders, while in the other they threw their weight behind the invaders who, by the way, happen to have been occupiers since 1967. The EU credibility meter tumbled like a giant meteorite from the sky. A quick-fix campaign was launched to make sure EU leaders showed “concern” and appealed for the Israeli bombardments to avoid civilian casualties. Fat lot of good it did.

Cartoon: Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor

For some more comparisons of this rancid European hypocrisy, suffice to mention how the Russian media was quickly frozen out of European homes (to hell with a citizen’s freedom of choice, even if he or she wants to watch propaganda and assumed lies), hundreds of sanctions imposed, financial outlets denied, now threats of Russian funds in Western banks being stolen to be used against its owners, and Russia hustled out of all international sporting events. They deserve it, don’t they?

Now turn the page, and go to the business of Israel’s demonic reaction to the Hamas attack. No such measures in this case, of course. Israel can go on with the killing, the genocide, the massacre of the innocent, the displacement of whole populations, and the complete destruction of cities while nice, white-skinned, armed Jewish settlers from Europe and the US attack West Bank Palestinians, bulldose them out of their homes, and claim the land.

Have we heard even a whimper? God must be awfully disappointed with his chosen people.

Photo: Beata Zawrzel / NurPhoto via Getty Images

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