Mining the meaning behind electoral lingo

On the day of pre-electoral silence, ‘Kafè Ewropa’ explores the etymology of Maltese election-related vocabulary, explores why political campaigning and media coverage of elections are banned a day before before or during those elections, and much more.

The Maltese language carries hidden histories within its vocabulary. On Friday morning, Kafè Ewropa – One Radio’s weekly European election talk show – explores how the electoral process has intertwined with the Malta’s national language, shaping unique words, phrases and terms used on the islands today. To explore this theme in detail, Sandro Mangion, editor of The Journal, will host Dwayne Ellul, Assistant Lecturer and Linguist in the Maltese Department of the University of Malta.

Another guest on the programme will be the Chief Electoral Office, Joseph Camilleri, who will field questions on the meaning and relevance of the ‘pre-election silence’, a period that starts at 12am Friday and continues until the polls close on Saturday, election day.

Dr Adrian Scerri, a lecturer in international relations at the University of Malta, will share his insights on how the the concept of European unity has transformed since the Roman Empire, from philosophical ideals and wars to a concrete economic and political entity over time. He will be joined on the phone by Christopher Vella, a history lecturer at the Junior College, who will be discussing Europe’s Judeo-Christian heritage, a topic that has become increasingly relevant to conversations about the European Union’s identity and future. Listeners will also hear from Albert Storace, a former history teacher with a passion for classical music and opera, who will provide a unique perspective on the EU’s official anthem.

This week, the programme will have the honour of hosting three Maltese ambassadors accredited to other EU Member states: H.E. Natasha Meli Daudey, Malta’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Austria, who is also the Permanent Representative of Malta to the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and to the United Nations and other International Organisations based in Vienna; H.E. Giovanni Buttigieg, Malta’s Ambassador to Ireland; and H.E. John Camilleri, Malta’s Ambassador to the Republic of Portugal.

To ensure listeners are in the loop on the electoral process, Louis Gatt, Head of the PL’s Electoral Office, will be providing the most up-to-date information.

Kafè Ewropa kicks off on One Radio (92.7FM) at 9am and then simulcasts live on One TV from 9.50am until 11am.

Main photo: Omar Camilleri/DOI

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