Mizzi has gone glitzy

▪️ Mizzi has gone glitzy ▪️ Crafty fine tuning

Nerik Mizzi, the former Nationalist Party leader and Prime Minister who died in office way back in 1950, must be happily jostling about in his grave. He is best known by Maltese liberals as the politician who presumably wanted Malta to be an “independent” state forming part of Italy. He was also against the official recognition of the Maltese language, the language he used to address his not-so-savvy followers, but for a predominance of anything to do with ‘la bella Italia’.

It is perhaps why the history books are replete with stories of Maltese PN delegations going and coming from Rome where they pledged their allegiance to Mussolini’s fascist movement. They even had their own home-grown ballillas. There is still footage showing one of these delegations displaying a ‘Malta’ placard in the dictator’s famous Piazza Venezia mass rally when Mizzi was leader.

The Second World War was a major setback for Mizzi and his fellow neo-fascists. With Italy seeking to build an “empire” by resorting to air raid bombings against Ethiopian arrows and opting to join forces with Nazi Germany, it was to be expected the then Nationalists couldn’t be trusted by the British in Malta. This is not an apology for British heavy-handedness, but a reality every colony had to accept until it won its freedom.

The glorification of Mizzi turned glitzy with time. From a Mussolini aficionado and “a representative of the Italian nationality of Malta” he was gradually portrayed as “a contributing force in the Maltese national and European identity”, the most ironic description of a person whose supreme wish was for Malta to become an insignificant part of Italy. Pretty much like Lampedusa, I guess, an island to lose from the pages of history.

Whatever Mizzi’s true identity, it cannot be denied that he was against the use of Maltese at the law courts, where people could be condemned to death without actually understanding the sombre sentence being delivered in Italian. He used his “un-Britishness” as some sort of independence crusade when it was all about his dream of officially becoming an Italian, together with his gullible followers and the rest of the nation.

So why have there been regular party noises coming from his grave in recent years? Well, EU Member State Malta today rightly has to go by EU rules. Its national language – Maltese – is also one of the official languages of the Union, which means that it is used whenever or wherever there are Maltese speakers, participants, and audiences, including during European Parliament debates. But that is where the buck stops.

The italianisation of Malta is a highly worrying process which seems to go unnoticed by many. What the Brits did in the first years of their presence in Malta to Anglicise the islands, imbeciles and businesses are doing today with the infusion of Italian everywhere, from restaurants, dolcerias, and luna parks to supermarkets, white good enterprises, and even sightseeing tour ticket sellers.

Nothing, mundane, many will say. But why, for example, do a huge proportion of supermarket products carry instructions and ingredients ONLY in Italian, and why is Maltese completely ignored on the languages list for other consumer products? Maltese simply does not exist on the business side and the Maltese have just to either shut up or lump it. And, for a very domestic example, why should a Maltese housewife have to follow her new washing machine operating and troubleshooting instructions in Italian?

The list of such italianate impositions is endless. Just buying an ice-cream has to be in Italian, and dining, and trying to understand “national” and club football coaches. The large Italian community among us does not worry many people, including yours truly, but what irks most is that Asian and Arab communities do cause silly expressions of concern.

I am a Maltese consumer and, by right, I want to be able to speak in my own language wherever I’m served in Malta, and to read in Maltese whatever is specified in an imported product. Is that too much to ask? Where are the consumer societies and EU rule enforcers?

But what has Enrico got to do with all this? I imagine he would have loved it. He’d soon be declared a prophet, a politician beyond the 21st Century. Now let me have my first taste of the new protein drink my daughter has ordered in view of my fast-softening muscles. Yes, the instructions are in Italian. No English and, God forbid, no Maltese. Sign of the times. The glitzy grave gets noisier.

Crafty fine tuning

The international mainstream media is never happy when it gets caught with its pants down. The war in Gaza, not in Ukraine, has put them in a position where they can no longer twist and shout, things they do about the Russian invasion of its former vassal. Most of them have been denied entry into Gaza by the very government they have always supported and will continue to do so as long there are hidden Zionist investments coming in.

Sky News’ special correspondent, the highly gifted Alex Crawford, recently felt forced to make a public plea for this prohibition to end. But see how apologetic she sounds in the very first sentence of her piece: Before you read this, can I ask you to do it with as open a mind as possible? What follows is neither partisan, one-sided nor compromising. Would that uncomfortable preamble have been written had it been a non-West-leaning country banning international journalists from its war zones?

Unnamed scribblers in The Guardian reported the US air force serviceman who burned himself alive in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington as “shouting about Palestine” before he died. He actually shouted “Free Palestine”. Note the difference?

#And the latest mainstream trend, no doubt politely suggested by politician bosom friends, is to always say or write Hamas-run whenever referring to Gaza ministries and institutions. It’s a name game, I know, but they wouldn’t say the extreme-right-run ministries of Israel, would they? Crafty fine-tuning.

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Soċjalist Kburi
Soċjalist Kburi
1 month ago

The glorification of the PN’s fascist origins and leaders is truely shameful and indicative of a wider growing rehabilitation of far-right and anti-socialist ideology across Europe.