More than 300 victims of crime assisted

In the first five months since its establishment, the Victim Support Agency has helped more than 300 people who have been affected by a criminal offence.

The setting up of this agency was pledged by the Labour Party in its 2017 electoral manifesto, and was eventually established in April 2021. The Agency brings together services offered by the Victim Support Unit within the Malta Police Force and the Department of Probation and Parole under one roof to provide a holistic service to all victims of crime.

Services offered by the Agency

The Victim Support Agency offers guidance to victims throughout the entire justice process, including Agency officials accompanying victims to court sessions and providing support.

Victims also get access to legal advice and psychological support, as well as an individual care plan which ensures all the support according to their needs.

Another crucial aspect is information. In fact, victims of crime are now better informed about their rights. This includes the right to know when their perpetrator is being released from prison.

New Victim Support Centres

This month, the Agency opened a new Victim Support Centre in Santa Lucija, which will cater for the Southern region. In the coming months, two additional offices will be opened in the Nothern region and in Gozo.

By launching regional support centres, the Agency aims to help more victims by being part of the community. The Agency will also be kicking-off a collaboration campaign with Local Councils across the board to increase awareness about the services being offered and to encourage more people to come forward and seek help.

Persons affected by a criminal offence can contact the Victim Support Agency, either by phone on 25689700 or by email on [email protected].

People can also use the Facebook live chat on the Agency’s Facebook page, where trained professionals can provide assistance between Monday to Friday.

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