Nearly all graduates in Malta land jobs

The smallest EU member state boasts the highest employment rate for recent graduates in Europe for 2023.

According to a Eurostat report, Malta boasts the highest employment rate for recent graduates in Europe for 2023. Across the European Union, only 83.5% of recent graduates find employment, whereas Malta significantly surpasses this figure with a remarkable 95.8% employment rate. This translates to nearly all Maltese graduates finding jobs after graduation, with an unemployment rate just around 4%. This is a significant advantage compared to the European average, where almost 16% of recent graduates struggle to find employment after completing their studies.

In Italy a third of graduates do not find employment, a situation that is eight times worse than that in Malta. In Greece more than a quarter of recent graduates do not manage to get a job. In addition to Malta’s success in terms of graduate employment, Eurostat also notes that Malta is one of ten countries where the European target for 2030 regarding employment for those with vocational education has already been met.

Earlier on, Eurostat had published a release that showed that, for the first time in history, the rate of graduates in Malta exceeded the European average. Even in this regard, Malta is one of the few that has already reached the target agreed with the European Commission as part of the EU2030 strategy.

Photo: University of Malta

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