Of worn out belts and environmental policies

It is so sad, so sad indeed...

In reaction to an amateur video uploaded by the PN’s starlet MP, some commented that Eve Borg Bonello’s belt is heavily worn out and that she should have bought a new one before such an appearance.

But that’s least of her problems. She still hasn’t figured out how to use Google.

Eve, before reproducing claims made by politicians that have been failed even by your own party, do your own research. And, before you scaremonger, learn how to research, at least the basics. Let me help you a bit here, just press the following link:


You see, the largest environmental project ever put forward in Malta has not only been thoroughly studied but has net environmental benefits that will, once and for all, allow Malta to move forward and away from the outdated environmental policies of your party.

It is so sad, so sad indeed, that the youngest MP in Parliament is already past her best-before date.

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