Over 300 Maltese people working for NHS England

As of January last year, there was a total of 347 Maltese people working for the National Health Service (NHS) in England.

Data published by the House of Commons sheds light on the nationalities of the 1.28 million members of staff employed by NHS England.

Out of a total of 211 nationalities, Malta ranks 55th, with a total of 347 Maltese nationals.

As expected, the overwhelming majority of staff, 86.2% are British, totalling 1,062,273. The top three non-British nationalities are Indian, 25,809, Filipino, 22,043 and Irish, 13,697.

Out of the non-British nationals working for NHS England, 5.5%, or 67,000 come from the EU.

Out of a total of 211 nationalities, Malta ranks 55th, with a total of 347 Maltese nationals.

TheJournal.mt spoke to Dr Saveria Cremona, a Maltese junior doctor who joined the NHS when COVID-19 was at its peak.

“Starting work with the NHS during the peak of a pandemic, as a new doctor was a rattling and unique experience for me, as I’m sure it was for many junior doctors,” said Dr Cremona.

She explains why it is important for Maltese medical students to experience working in larger systems.

“Leaving Malta to work in the UK felt like a unique and very accessible opportunity as a Maltese medical student. I wanted to take advantage of working in a larger system with more opportunities, more locations to work from and a variety of advanced and technical fields. I think it’s important when you come from a small country, to experience life abroad and a different work environment. This serves as an important character building experience and a unique way to gain skills you will be able to take back to any other place of work.”

Dr Cremona adds that the NHS structure and support were crucial for her to adapt in a new country and place of work.

“Although it was tough to acclimatise, I think the NHS is a very professional and streamlined service to work in, with a lot of support available to its employees. A lot of emphasises is put on staff well being, and discussions and meetings, where concerns can be voiced are regular. I have made use of opportunities provided as I worked in this service, including working in different parts of the country in highly specialised fields. I have also found the time to read for a part time masters degree outside of work, something which might have been more difficult had I worked the hours of a junior doctor in Malta.”

“All in all I feel my decision to move to the UK and work with the NHS was definitely the right one for my career, and I would encourage others to think about doing the same as it’s a very achievable option for Maltese healthcare workers,” added Dr Cremona.

The House of Commons report covers NHS England staff working at hospitals and community health services, clinical commissioning groups, and support organisations, but does not include data for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The NHS is one of the world’s largest employers, after the US Department of Defence, the People’s Liberation Army of China, Walmart and Mc Donnald’s.

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Victor Diacono
Victor Diacono
2 years ago

Nice paean for the NHS, and a nicer one for much-needed recruitment. Though most Brits say it’s crap. But follow your dreams, hon.