PL in listening mode as social partners and the public take centre stage

Politicians take the back seat as social partners and the general public take centre stage at the PL Conference, officially being launched tomorrow.

The Conference’s main theme “Renewing Malta Together” will be the subject of a business breakfast hosted by Prime Minister Robert Abela on Friday morning. This will kickstart a series of events focusing on specific sectors with the participation of stakeholders and the general public, all sharing their ideas for the future of Malta.

At tomorrow’s business breakfast, issues such as the environment and climate change, social affairs and the economy will be presented not by Ministers or politicians, but by experts in the respective field.

David Xuereb: “It is important for business and society to be given the space”

Speaking to on the theme of Environment & Climate Change, architect and business mentor David Xuereb said that Climate Change is not only offering risks to ourselves, our family and all that we possess but also opportunities to transition into a better, stronger and sustainable just economy with an improved quality of life. 

“Collaboration by all segments of the Maltese society will see us thrive in a competitive global economy after a pandemic. At this juncture it is important for business and society to be given the space to drive this national ambition,” said Xuereb. 

“It is healthy for a politician to listen and embrace the environmental values of our evolving society. There is no time for greenwash. Government should continuously develop well-crafted laws, regulations and standards, investment criteria and a supportive justice system. If this happens, and science based targets are set, then creativity, innovation and technology will transform our ambitious country into one of all-round Value.”

Stefan Cutajar: “I expect a safe space for level-headed debate”

On his part, lawyer Dr Stefan Cutajar said that he expects the Conference to be a “safe space for level-headed debate and an opportunity for persons who do not usually fit the mould of traditional partisan politics to be heard.”

“I believe politicians and policymakers have the unfortunate habit of surrounding themselves with like-minded people who create an echo chamber that is difficult to break out of. Therefore, I am of the opinion that listening to other individuals from outside this bubble will be beneficial to all those involved in the political process,” said Dr Cutajar.

Jessica Camilleri: A crucial platform of discussion

Economist Jessica Camilleri, also participating in tomorrow’s event, said that “it’s crucial to co-create and nourish a platform of fruitful discussion from industry partners, civil society and the wider general public.” 

Daniel Micallef: The perfect environment for a much-needed continuous dialogue

Asked about the format of the Conference, PL Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef said that the Conference has been designed in a way to create the perfect environment for a much-needed continuous dialogue.

He said that COVID restrictions brought challenges, as he hailed the “army of volunteers” working continuously to ensure a safe environment for all.

“Our role as a political party is to continuously develop our policies in line with the country’s needs, and our vision for a Renewed Malta – #Together we look forward to this,” said Micallef.

These discussions will lead to the rally on Monday, where Prime Minister Robert Abela will address activists with a keynote speech whereby he is expected to expand further on the Party’s vision for the country.

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