PM Robert Abela to unveil Malta’s economic vision 2031

Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri are expected to unveil Malta’s economic vision 2031 later today. is informed that the theme is “A Future-proof Malta” and is based on 5 main pillars: 

  1. Sustainable economic growth geared towards quality-of-life improvements and increased resilience;
  2. High quality infrastructure and investment;
  3. Education and employment;
  4. Environment;
  5. High standards of accountability, governance and rule of law.

In comments to Minister Silvio Schembri recalled how a year ago, the Government presented one of the largest recovery plans in the world, saving 100,000 jobs. “The next step to build back better, is an economic vision that takes Malta to the next 10 Years.”

Minister Schembri said that this vision aims to foster a new philosophy around investment decisions and policy-making, putting innovation and tangible achievements at the centre of our economic growth-oriented thinking, offering solutions to emerging challenges. will be featuring an in-depth analysis of the economic vision later today.

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