Private sector continues driving job creation

Last year, just two out of every 100 additional jobs were with the public sector.

Last November, the number of those working full-time rose to more than 282,600.

Since March 2013 there has been an increase of almost 126,500 full-time jobs, and around 27,500 part-time jobs; every day, 39 jobs have been added, or four times the job creation rate observed before 2013. 65,000 of this increase, or more than 40% of the total, has occurred since 2020 despite the pandemic while subsequently global economic performance remained lacklustre. 

In November 2023 the number of full-time jobs was almost 20,100 more than in the same month a year earlier. Of this increase, only 414 were with the public sector, which means that only two out of every hundred new full-time jobs were with the public sector.

In contrast there has been an increase of around 19,700 jobs with the private sector. Almost 1,500 were an addition to the construction sector, 2,400 to wholesale and retail, 1,700 to transport, 3,700 to hotels and restaurants, 1,100 to manufacturing, 300 to remote gaming, 600 to financial services, 2,000 to professional services, 3,200 to administrative services, and 800 to information and communication. There has been a growth of around 1,300 jobs in private health and education services.

In total, there was an increase of 834 self-employed persons.

Part-time work increased by about 4,511 on a year earlier.

In Gozo, there was an increase of 873 full-time jobs and 434 part-time jobs. This meant a 6% increase in employment. 

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