Promises kept: 709 roads rebuilt in 3 years

Like a seed under fertile soil, in 2017 Partit Laburista planted an ambitious idea that would bloom and reap fruit following three years of intense and healthy watering.

Enter Lucky Number Seven

Coined as government’s biggest electoral pledge, it was announced that an unprecedented €700 million spread over 7 years were to be invested in Malta’s road infrastructure. 

Fast forward three years since the establishment of Infrastructure Malta and a total of 709 roads have already been rebuilt – an average of 4 roads every week.

In the year 2021 delved deeper into this year’s projects and the results are even more encouraging. A total of 123 residential and 71 rural roads have been completed so far, while works are currently underway on more than 50 residential and 26 other rural roads.

The Outcome

As they say, nothing worth having comes easy and while some have criticised this major infrastructural project, credit must be given where it is due.

Not only is this level of investment unprecedented, but it is being implemented effectively, within the planned schedule and budget – something which was not the norm until a few years ago.

Through this massive investment, effectively changing Malta’s face, we’re seeing safer road designs. Moreover, future generations will be benefitting from an efficient and safer road network as well as a healthier environment through emission reductions and less traffic congestion.

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