Qortin green transformation welcomed by residents and experts

The transformation of the Qortin landfill into a green open space has been welcomed by residents and experts, during yesterday’s episode of TheDailySpot, TheJournal.mt’s daily analysis of the electoral campaign.

The €3.3 million project has turned an uncontrolled landfill into a green open space for the public. Around 23,000 indigenous shrubs were planted.

Engineer Nathan Gatt said that today, you wouldn’t say it was a landfill.
“It is very much worth the hassle. I personally go to Qortin with my dog when I’m in Gozo, and I think Wasteserv has done a very good job with rehabilitating the site. It’s a pleasure to go walk there. There are amazing views and you wouldn’t say it was a landfill,” he said.

“Wasteserv has done a very good job with rehabilitating the site.”

Gatt explained the technical process behind the rehabilitation of landfills, including gas extraction and limiting water from going into the landfill.

“A good indication that the landfill is properly rehabilitated is the flourishing of plants, especially trees. Trees have deeper roots, that means it’s closer to the centre of the landfill, and if trees flourish it means that the compaction rates and the work of the rehabilitation process is successful,” he noted.

This is the second former landfill to be officially inaugurated as a green open space in recent months.

Wied Fulija, once a landfill holding 2 billion kg of waste has been successfully turned into a green lung in Żurrieq.

Resident impressed by the transformation of the site

Gozo resident Nathalie Muscat hailed the transformation of the area.

She emphasised the importance of such projects, especially in view of the rise in development in Gozo over the years.

“I recently visited the site and I’m impressed with the level of transformation that happened. Nature took over so quickly and everywhere is green.”

“This fills our generation with hope that such green projects can make a very big difference in our quality of life,” she said.

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