Ramblers’ president welcomes new plan for AUM 

It is very positive that government listened to environmentalists to ensure that the Żonqor area continues to be protected and enjoyed by residents, president of Ramblers Association Ingram Bondin said.

Welcoming the news, Bondin explained that activists have opposed this project from the start as the area — in ODZ land — is not suitable for the project. “Since this land will be returned to the people, we are in support of this,” he said.

“Since this land will be returned to the people, we are in support of this.” – Ingram Bondin

Bondin is hopeful that this would mean that the waterpolo pitch will return to where it was before and that it would not be necessary to build one by the coast. 

It would complement the afforestation project planned for the area which he said would provide a new open space for Marsascala residents, which is pertinent because the locality is one which underwent “aggressive development in the past years,” he said.

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that the land in Żonqor which was intended for the development of the American University (AUM) would be returned to the people. The extension is now planned in a developable area in Smart City, close to the ITS campus, thereby creating an educational centre.

Any new agreement will be presented to Parliament with full transparency to the public.

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