Renewing Malta Together: What the Social Partners say

Prime Minister Robert Abela pledged that Malta’s renewal will be led by “trade unionists, businesses, councillors, teachers, nurses, manual workers, professionals and young people.” This has been reflected throughout the events of the Partit Laburista Conference. went through the main points raised by Social Partners during Friday’s business breakfast discussing what Malta’s renewal should look like.

Philip Fenech – Malta Chamber of SMEs

We need to address staff shortages imminently as it is being felt across the board and we are dependent on foreign employees. Government aid packages were crucial for businesses especially those in the tourism industry. We now encourage government to promote weekend breaks during the first quarter of next year to give businesses the necessary push before summer 2022.

Pauline Miceli – Commissioner for Children

It is the fundamental right of children to participate in decisions affecting them. The National Children’s Policy was a major milestone. The next step is for each Ministry to have a focal point we could refer to in order to ensure that children are consulted regularly.

Joe Zammit National Council for the Elderly

We recognise all the investment made in this sector. We now call on the government to recognise the National Council for the Elderly with a seat on the MCESD.  

Charles Mifsud – Rehabilitation In Society Malta Foundation (RISe)

The “rehabilitation and reintegration model” is key to addressing Malta’s high recidivism rate. Despite all the progress in this field, former offenders still find it difficult to reintegrate back in society. We need to address this situation.

Andre Pizzuto – Chamber of Architects

We have seen a legislative and policy effort to renew the construction sector in recent months, with the enactment of the Periti Act and the establishment of the Building and Construction Authority. We must now focus on the renewal of the built and natural environment. It is important to ensure that development does not create negative environmental impacts and that projects have long-term durability.

We must reduce waste generation, air pollution and incorporate new methods in our designs. Above all, we have to stop using the past as a benchmark, and focus on our targets. Development is a privilege and responsibility. Public interest should always be protected.

Joe Farrugia – Malta Employers Association

Foreign workers are necessary for our growth. But our demographic approach should be more structured. We must address Malta’s low birth rate. The full cooperation of all social partners and political forces is essential.

Jacob Callus – National Youth Council

Research shows that more young people are having to rent out property. More emphasis should be put on providing young people more opportunity to buy their property.

Mary Gaerty – National Council of Women

We call on the government to introduce a system of certification for work experience, in order to empower women who work in family businesses.

Bjorn Vassallo – Malta Football Association

Everything we invest in our youths today, produces social return in the future. It is important to measure our investment and results in the field of sports, especially being the country with the highest obesity rate in Europe. I thank all those who support our outreach programmes.

George Borg – Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability

2021 was a very important year for the social field. We call on the government to introduce social enterprises for people with disability who cannot enter the employment market but who should not end up in an adult centre. We need to ensure a better quality of life for these people.

Josef Bugeja General Workers Union

It is our duty to ensure that the rights achieved by workers throughout the years are protected and extended to platform and gig workers. We need to protect people who are not employed directly by companies but are provided by sub-contractors.

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