Sex Education

What matters if one’s sexuality is born or learned? Many argue that homosexuals are born that way. I couldn’t care less. If a person wants to lead a homosexual style of life, be it natural, be it learned, what difference does it make to the remainder of the community? I think we should just all do ourselves a favour and get out of each others’ beds.

I am saying this in Malta, where sexual rights are very much pioneering in the world. So, why do I feel the need to write this article? Well, mostly because, in spite of Malta leading the way where sexuality is concerned, it is very much behind in the area of Sex Education.

Sex and sexuality, all boil down to who you love. I recently came across this video on Youtube. It concerns Prop 8 in the 2008 California Referendum where people were asked to vote on Marriage Equality. As it happened the ‘YES’ vote won the day only for the result to be overturned in Court a month later. I am quoting this case as it shows one thing. It shows the lack of Human Rights Education the majority of Californians had during this campaign. 

I think we should just all do ourselves a favour and get out of each others’ beds.

Sexuality is a Human Right. No Law, no referendum can overturn it. I once participated in a discussion on Human Rights and was startled to hear the Imam say that he would accept Gay Marriage as long as Muslims were in a minority. Should Muslims become a majority, he stated he would push for Shariah Law. Now, I can be called many things but I am sure that anti-Muslim is not one of them. The Imam’s argument was that Shariah Law is Allah’s Law and therefore it is perfect. Now, the Imam is perfectly free to believe what he wants. What he cannot do is to impose his views on others, especially in a democratic European country like Malta. To my horror, I find this mentality echoed in the words of those who purport to be the Holiest among us. They argue that God wants us to be born again so if we were born gay, we have to change.

This is where Sex Education should come in. We need an Education that does not discriminate between sexualities. We need an Education even for Primary School Children where books that portray a homosexual family or gay parents are not scorned. We need an Education that teaches our pupils that it is not a girl’s fault if she gets raped, no matter what she wears. Rather than teach our girls how to avoid getting raped, it is important to teach our boys that violating girls is wrong. We need a Sex Education that teaches our pupils that abortion is no one’s business but the girl involved. We need an Education that teaches our children that it is okay to be gay, or bi, or non-binary or trans. We need to accept each other for what and who we are. Laws need to reflect these rights.

At the end of the day, as the video I suggested above, copying from Corinthians, says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

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