Shaping the future of our communities

On the 8th June we have the right and responsibility to vote for the candidates who best represent our values and what we want for our community.

Malta’s electoral system grants Maltese citizens both the right and the responsibility to participate in democratic life by electing representatives at the European, national, and local levels. On the 8th of June, the people will be called to go to the polls to decide who represents them on both the European and the local levels for the next five years.

Even if individual participation might seem small, when many voices come together they can have a significant influence on shaping the future of our communities. Local councillors make decisions that directly affect our everyday lives; in the upcoming election, we have an opportunity to make our voices heard and vote for the candidates who best represent our values and what we want for our community.

For the local council elections, the Labour Party is presenting 381 candidates across Malta and Gozo. Party leader Robert Abela said the PL would be presenting a manifesto for each locality. He promised to prioritise improvements to public spaces and urban environments in councils the party will control. The aim is for all residents to be within a 10-minute walk of a park or green area, along with a focus on keeping communities clean. To promote sustainability and efficient movement, Labour pledges to boost cycling infrastructure, expand public transport options, install more EV charging stations, and explore smart parking solutions in towns and villages. Creating a safe environment, fostering a vibrant cultural scene, and ensuring a dignified life for seniors will also be key goals for Labour-led councils.

The candidates fielded by the Labour Party for the upcoming local elections.

For these local elections, the Opposition Nationalist Party will be fielding 293 candidates. Furthermore, ADPD is presenting six candidates, Partit Popolari and L-Għarb l-Ewwel four each, and Floriana l-Ewwel and Residenti Beltin one each. Also participating are 19 independents.

Here’s an exhaustive list of all nominations received by the Electoral Commission for the local council elections.

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