Skills Pass: 500 applications so far

The Skills Pass is a verification process initiated by the Government that allows skilled individuals in the tourism and hospitality sector to gain recognition for their skills and be able to work in this industry in Malta.
  • 1,338 examinations were taken and completed.
  • Around 100 complete certificates were issued.
  • Most applicants are from Nepal, India, and the Philippines.
  • The most applied-for job is Commis Chef.

The Skills Pass for tourism and hospitality was launched earlier this year, with the platform opening on the 8th April and the supporting law coming into effect on the 28th May. Since April, candidates from around the world have been able to start the registration process and confirm their skills in this field.

The programme comprises two phases in total. All candidates must pass the first phase, and those who have been in Malta for less than a year or are starting to work in Malta must also pass the second phase. The first phase is completely online and includes courses and examinations in different subjects, while the second phase includes an interview to confirm what was done in the first phase. Interviews for the second phase started on the 25th of June. Appointments for second-phase interviews are being made daily, both in Malta and in foreign centres, to ensure that everyone is served.

We can reveal that, to date, about 500 candidates have applied for the Skills Pass. Around 60% of these are candidates who are yet to start working in the tourism sector in Malta, 26% are those who have been working here for over a year, and 15% are those who have been working here for less than a year. The most common nationalities applying for the Skills Pass are Nepal (22%), India (20%), and the Philippines (14%).

It is worth noting that, for the time being, only new workers coming from countries outside the European Union who intend to work within the tourism and hospitality industry in Malta are required by law to have a Skills Pass. From January 2025, all tourism and hospitality workers from outside the European Union who will be renewing their work permit will need to apply for the Skills Pass. From January 2026, all employees in the tourism and hospitality industry will need the Skills Pass.

Part of the Skills Pass process includes several exams related to the job they will be working in. Since the start of the Skills Pass, a total of 1,338 exams have been taken and completed, including exams in basic customer care, basic English for hospitality, and the Maltese touristic product. The most popular job being applied for is that of Commis Chef, which involves working in the kitchen. A total of 100 full Skills Pass certificates have been issued so far, certifying these candidates to work in the industry.

Information related to the Skills Pass can be found at, where an online chat is available for communication with the Skills Pass office.

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