A solid vision for a bright future

The Prime Minister’s speech this morning was positive, fresh and forward looking. On the other side, the PN’s brand and narrative are outdated.

In his speech this morning, Prime Minister Robert Abela outlined the key policy areas which will be prioritised should the Labour Party be re-elected in the general election of 26 March.

The speech was characterised by a bold narrative on how he plans to push our country forward to a bright and promising future that holds an improved quality of life for one and all to enjoy.

A greener country will not remain a dream

The government has already implemented important reforms and will continue to drive and deliver change. The amendments to the original plans of the American University of Malta Project demonstrate Dr Abela’s vision to find a balance between development and the environment. In fact, the environment and urban greening were highlighted by the Prime Minister as a key priority area for him and the government. Looking ahead, Dr Abela envisages having more green spaces in the community to be used by all ages for social or leisure activities.

“Malta’s future is beautiful. A greener country will not remain a dream,” – Robert Abela

The speech was characterised by a bold narrative on how he plans to push our country forward to a bright and promising future.

Improved quality of life

Improved quality of life was another key message that emerged from the Prime Minister’s address, in which he reiterated that the Labour movement will remain pro-market and stands ready to support business, investment and growth.

Malta currently has the lowest electricity, fuel and diesel prices in the Eurozone thanks to the responsible and strategic planning by the Abela-led government.

Unlike the PN administration, who, when faced with the 2008 global financial crisis shrunk the economy by 3.4%, the Labour Government led by Prime Minister Robert Abela, continued to bolster the economy. This led to the European Commission predicting that Malta’s economy will grow by 6% in 2022 despite two years of unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic. Even in this regard, the Prime Minister’s track record is undisputable as Malta has the highest vaccination rate in Europe which led to the gradual and responsible removal of restrictions.

A fair and just society

Good governance and the strengthening of democracy and rule of law are of utmost priority. The Prime Minister showed that he’s adamant to deliver a country that is run in a just, fair and equitable manner. Numerous reforms and legislative amendments have already been implemented but more can and will be done.

It is clear that Prime Minister Robert Abela has a bold and ambitious plan to continue putting into action as part of his wider effort to build our country further – and work together for Malta.

Whilst pensioners will continue to be at the very heart of Labour policy, the Prime Minister’s strong engagement with youths was also made evident today. In the past two years, he ensured youths were able to purchase their own property through the first-time buyer scheme; free IVF treatment and the recently announced refunding of IVF medicines; and increased opportunities for learning, development and employment.

The prospects for the future are promising.

Forward vs backwards

All this brings us to the following question: shall we continue moving forward to a bright future under the leadership of the engaged and determined Prime Minister Robert Abela, or turn back time to a Nationalist Government led by Bernard Grech who is evidently still controlled by the old guard?

The Nationalist Party did not keep up with the times. Its brand and narrative is outdated, pedantic and hypercritical of absolutely everything.

The Nationalist Party’s brand & narrative are outdated.

This morning, Bernard Grech criticised the government for splurging taxpayers’ money, yet he failed to recognise that the government was able to keep business standing and workers in employment throughout the pandemic.

He also seems to be unable to realise that this was possible thanks to the government’s successful investment programme, and has failed to understand that the Government is removing COVID-19 restrictions.

Today confirmed that Bernard Grech is disengaged and does not have a plan at hand for the future. His focus was to criticise Robert Abela personally and repeat his dry and stale narrative.

People want a party in government that is ready to deliver a bright future for our children, enhance the environment, implement reforms, and safeguard peoples’ interests.

The Labour Party in Government led by Prime Minister Robert Abela is already on the right track and ready to continue leading our country to a bright future.


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