‘Someone finally showed empathy towards teachers’

News that Labour is pledging better conditions and better wages for educators has gone down well with those involved in the education sector.

Speaking on theDailySpot yesterday, head of school Christopher Higgans said that a pay rise increases educators’ motivation as they will feel more appreciated.

“The effect of this measure will hopefully be that of retaining more teachers, and providing an incentive for students to choose the teaching profession,” he said.

He added that when teachers are motivated, they provide better education, therefore the people that will ultimately benefit from the announced measures are the children. 

“It is clear that someone, finally showed empathy towards our profession,” he added.

‘I totally agree that wages should be increased’ – Rebecca Bilocca

On her part, student teacher Rebecca Bilocca said that primary teachers are expected to be a jack of all trades, and master of all.

Over the past years, the education system suffered a bit. COVID-19 affected the education system a lot, and the restrictions not only affected teachers but also students. We still have to work on improving the education sector, and we need to emphasise the importance of providing the best service to the generations to come.

I believe that if we truly understand, respect & support the teaching profession, we’ll be a step closer to having a better education system,” she said. 

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