S&P Global Ratings confirm Malta’s A- rating

S&P Global Ratings have confirmed Malta’s A- rating with a stable outlook. This is the best rating this agency has given to our country in the last decade.

The main reason why S&P Global Ratings experts took this decision was that according to them there was “effective policymaking at the national and European level” which led to the preservation of Malta’s productive capacity, and which allowed a moderate national debt burden. 

The S&P Global Ratings report indicates that economic growth in our country has been very strong, noting how investment has increased by 19%. Among the reasons behind this success, these international experts mention Malta’s vaccination programme, as well as the government’s strong fiscal assistance.

“Effective policymaking at the national and European level” led to the preservation of Malta’s productive capacity.

The report also predicts that in the coming years the recovery and resilience plan could lead to a growth of 0.8% in our country’s GDP.

Regarding the FATF, international experts said that “the authorities’ significant progress on the FATF’s recommendations may lead to Malta’s removal from the list in the short term”. 

While the Opposition claims that in recent years Government finances were out of control, the S&P’s experts predict that by 2025, the deficit will have fallen to 1%. This would mean a lower deficit level than any ever observed under a Nationalist administration.

Likewise, S&P Global Ratings are predicting that as of next year the national debt burden will have fallen below 60%.

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