Statistics disprove claim that more Maltese are emigrating

The emigration flow fell from 2,309 Maltese citizens in 2013 to just 780 in 2022.

Figures published by the National Statistics Office show that, between 2013 and 2022, the number of Maltese who emigrated from Malta decreased every year. In a decade, the emigration flow fell from 2,309 Maltese citizens in 2013 to just 780. This means that, for every three people who emigrated in 2013, only one person emigrated in 2022.

Over a 10-year period, 16,877 Maltese citizens emigrated from our country. However, in the same period, 18,223 Maltese came back to Malta. This means that, contrary to claims by the Opposition, the number of Maltese who returned to Malta was 1,346 more than those who emigrated. In 2012, there were 141 more Maltese people who emigrated than returned to our country.

 Maltese who emigrated

Official statistics show that, in 2022, 194 Maltese people aged between 15 and 29 emigrated. In 2012, 828 Maltese youths had emigrated. This means that, in 2012, four young people had migrated for each young person who emigrated in 2022. While in 2022 there were 267 more young Maltese people returning home than emigrating, in 2012 there were 215 more young Maltese people leaving the country than youths who returned.

Furthermore, Malta is offering so many opportunities that, in recent years, the number of young Europeans who have started migrating here has surged. While in 2012 only 182 young Europeans moved to Malta, by 2022 the number had risen to 2,051, or 11 times more. 

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