The 1st Malta Film Awards set for February 2022

The Malta Film Commission has just announced the first edition of the Malta Film Awards, set for February 2022.

The Malta Film Awards will be a show to celebrate the success story of our local cast and crew of the film and television industry.

“Malta is a story of success led by the ambition and creativity of its people. The Malta Film Awards will be a celebration of Malta, of those working in the film and television industry throughout its history of film making,” the Commission said in a statement.

The first edition will celebrate the appreciation of Malta’s story throughout the years while looking to pass the baton onto future generations. The tagline chosen of “Celebrating our story” pays tribute to all those who dreamt to make a production and all those dreaming to be part of Malta’s Film & TV industry.

A panel of selected local and international professionals will serve as jury for the Malta Film Awards.

The Malta Film Commissioner and CEO of the Malta Film Studios, Johann Grech has always emphasised that the foundation of the Malta’s film industry is its local cast and crew. Based on this he sought to celebrate their resilience and success through the Malta Film Awards.

In a statement, Grech said that “it was our people’s ambition and our crew’s ability that kept our film industry working, from one generation to the next.”  

As the film industry and broadcasting services share the same goal of seeing the level of local productions to continuously improve, the Malta Film Commission will be partnering with the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) to coordinate this event.

Mark Sammut, Executive Chairman of PBS said: “Today, the Malta Film Commission and Public Broadcasting Services, are joining forces to award the efforts and creativity of all those who have worked in local television and film, throughout this story of success.”

Present for the announcement were Ministers Carmelo Abela and Clayton Bartolo.

The Malta Film Awards will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in February 2022. Submissions can be sent as from Wednesday 29th September until Friday 29th October 2021.

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