The ‘all you need to know’ brief election round-up

The campaign is drawing to an end and many are drawing their conclusions. 

One of the most remarkable phenomena is that the reigning Government has presented a firmly regenerated and stronger version of itself, whilst the Opposition is still where it was five years ago, if not even in a worse position.

Yes, it is blatantly evident that unfortunately the opposition is still stuck in the past, and this not in a nostalgic way, but it is a direct result of its inability to provide a vision for the future that can match the expectations of the Maltese nation.   

The Labour Party has fielded extensive talent on its ballot sheets sending a very clear message that it intends to move forward with a very strong cabinet driving Malta’s success to the next phase. More important than this is that during the campaign it outlined to extensive detail how it intends to implement its next steps with calmness and stability. Its star proposal promising 700 million in greening investment also attracted bi-partisan support.

The Labour Party has fielded extensive talent on its ballot sheets sending a very clear message that it intends to move forward.

The Nationalist Party started the campaign with a series of high-profile resignations, losing both experience and some of its best talent. Its campaign was extremely abstract and more often than not, centred around buzzwords and matters that hardly attracted people’s attention. Its trackless tram star proposal was a major fiasco, with countless conflicting messages, and the still very sour experience with bendy buses taking centre stage.

The level of preparedness of the Labour Party is good news for families and the business community. There is widespread consensus that Malta is on the right track and that Labour knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

On the other hand, genuine Nationalist supporters are once again left without a political home. Many are also very frustrated particularly at how Bernard Grech failed to inspire. A leader of the Opposition that preached division and increasingly looked detached from the aspirations and the bread and butter issues of the Maltese population.

So, although the campaign did not present any major fireworks, it delivered a very clear verdict.

It is now up to the people to make their choices and every vote matter. The choice is clear, let’s go for it.

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