The Aspiring Deputy Prime Minister

No Ship Sherlock, It’s none other than the one and only David Agius.

Oh gosh, it will be difficult to keep this one serious.

There he was on prime time TV waving at us a light blue book saying that the Partit Nazzjonalista is a ‘partit pożittiv’. His jumble of words looking straight into the camera looked like catchphrases from a farcical guide for dummies on how to try win an election.

When pressed on how the 50,000 square meter ODZ proposal will be put to work, just a day after his chief in command suggested that he is demolishing the Labour Party Headquarters when faced with the same question, he went on to speak about the size of football pitches.

His jumble of words looked like catchphrases from a farcical guide for dummies on how to try win an election.

And when seeing the blank stares on the presenters face who appeared as lost as his viewers were, he explained how first the PN Government put a large chunk of the idyllic Hondoq ir-Rummien within development zone, and now, because they’ve ‘learnt’, they’re going to buy it back.

This attitude that politicians can fix their own mistakes with taxpayers money is beyond belief. And no David, although you’ve put a big smile throughout the programme you did not impress us. Actually your answers were off point; rhetoric, buzzwords, slogans and nothing concrete.

No wonder your infamous reputation at looking at others’ copybooks to try making your way through life.

Just before him there was the current Deputy Prime Minister. Precise answers with a no-frill approach, testament of a team on a mission, taking Malta to the next level.

We’re just into the second week of electoral campaigning, and the PN looks already in full disarray losing candidates and not knowing even what they’re proposing.

Is anyone surprised about this? Not really. Politics is not about putting appearances or placards, it is hard work inspired by a vision usually entrenched in strong notions of love towards one’s country.

The PN is failing on all of these with pride it seems.

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