The beneficiaries of war

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There were times, mostly during the 60s and 70s, when “Reds under the beds” was the rallying cry of Americians and European parrots who would never accept the reality of another world power leaving its mark, for better or for worse, on modern society. By the time the Soviet empire dismantled itself, you had many a weapon-manufacturing, weapon-selling billionaire and their colonel friends rubbing their heads. Even while the drunken joker who, immediately after, was running “the new Russia”, it still did not satisfy their “entrepreneur” zeal. Peace is for us nerds.

A new enemy was needed by both the arms industry and its dutiful assistant, Hollywood. China was of course a prime alternative, having watched it grow economically and exerting its influence on world affairs. North Korea and the unsubdued, anti-West Arab states carrying the terrorist label, strode into the picture, but they were hardly considered a major menace, give or take the boring regularity of sanctions, illegal wars, invasions, and occupations (something that could hardly be the convincing case with Russia and China).

Then Vladimir Putin came briskly into the scene. I am no admirer of his political machinations and atrocious regime rule, but it is true that he managed to get to grips with a Russia then lost in uncertainty and brought it back to the forefront – not necessarily as a fully-fledged super power again, but certainly a contender in matters of international trade, financial affairs, and scientific advancement. Oh, oh, Russophobia abruptly raised its head once again.

Fast forward to present-day circumstances. Two years ago Putin chose to invade Ukraine and bring war back into Europe. A heinous crime even if you take into account the neo-nazi militias for long terrifying Russian-speaking communities in Ukraine itself. Since then, tax-payers in the US and Europe have been obliviously paying for the war to go on, and on, while the beneficiaries of the war-mongering trade rub their hands with glee.

That glee will turn into an overdose of jubilation if the latest Russophobia story to hit the headlines picks up, which I am sure it will. You see, according to the US, Russia is developing a space-based nuclear weapon designed to target satellites. True or not, Moscow has denied the allegations. Russians are not given the benefit of the doubt but the Israelis, with their denials of a nuclear arsenal, are.

Illustration: Liu Rui/Global Times

Two other morose Russia notes: the Navalny death/murder has reignited the flames. Common logic would tell you that, while running an incredibly expensive and human-costly war, the least thing Putin needed at this moment in time was this Navalny tragedy. But didn’t US Secretary of State Antony Blinken look more perturbed by the Navalny death than by the death of thousands upon thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, where Israel continues to ignore his fake pleas, ICJ decisions, and overwhelming world condemnation?

And isn’t it funny that he seemed more concerned about a Russian dying in myterious circumstances, than about a man from an ally country – Australia –  and as brave as Navalny, Julian Assange, being kept by the West in illegal imprisonment, torture, and what looks like inevitable State-sponsored murder?

Your smartphone’s to blame

While we assist to the genocide in Gaza, another genocide is silently going on in the Repubic of Congo. We need to remember that millions of people across the world are being killed so that the Western world can benefit from their countries’ natural resources, and all this with the knowledge of shameless, corrupt politicians and their despotic “allies” on the ground.

It is a known fact that about 60 per cent of the world’s cobalt reserves are found in the Congo, and wonder of wonders, cobalt – this lustrous, very hard silvery metal – is used in the production of smartphones. Hardly surprising, Western countries and their arms industries are providing financial and military aid to opposing militias to invade regions filled with such reserves, while in the process thousands of innocent people fleeing from one shoddy town to another are being killed and thousands more left homeless.

Photo: Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / AFP

Have you heard or read a proper, antagonistic squeak about it in the mainstream media? Hardly. The Western media is, today, a toy in the hands of the populist governments of Europe and the eternal war-mongers from across the world.

Tell-tale signs of the time

Ursula von der Leyen and Roberta Metsola want more wars. Their German EPP brother-in-arms, Manfred Weber, wants nuclear weapons. They all want an independent European army when NATO, with its ever-increasing membership, has more than a reasonable capacity to resort to in an eventual war – with Russia, of course.

That puts us, as a nation, in a corner with perhaps three other EU Member States – Spain, which is already a NATO member but vociferously anti-war, Ireland, and Austria. The rest have gone populist or quasi-populist, including the old neutrals of Scandinavia, with Sweden now even opting for long-dreaded conscription! A war is coming, a war is coming, the beneficiaries of war will tell you.

Photo:  Frederick Florin / AFP

Main photo: Getty

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