The dumb and dumbers of PN economics

It is not just the case that they were ill-prepared for the presser. It's much worse: they haven't even bothered to figure it out.

Oh my, oh my, they couldn’t even tell what rate of economic growth their economic “vision” for 2024 is forecasting.

Dr Bernard, it seems that the only thing without vision and solutions is not the Budget, but the very own party you appear to think you’re leading.

But wait, let’s not be so hard on the PN. How could we expect them to answer a question on economic growth when their latest experience in government is marred by a drastically shrinking economy, an EU excessive deficit procedure, soaring unemployment, and austerity measures?

The PN put forward, behind a nice white bench and a microphone, its breath of fresh air in the form of Jerome Caruana Cilia, presumably aspiring to become Finance Minister. He was flanked by Ivan Castillio, who is evidently still in search of a purpose, and star MP Ivan Bartolo who, in his own words, is not sufficiently “bravu” (capable) to remember the PN’s envisaged economic growth,  not even after a quick Google search on his smartphone. 

But what on earth are they up to? How can a party in a fully-staged official press conference have three of its MPs who are not even able to give an answer to the most basic question of all? The answer is simple: it is not just the case that they were ill-prepared for the presser. It’s much worse: they haven’t even bothered to figure it out.

The PN is simply focused on negative rhetoric, which is becoming more frustrating as weeks go by. As I anticipated in my previous article, which was even confirmed by the latest electoral survey, the PN is more focused on its internal troubles and war games than on being a serious alternative aspiring government. Steer clear.

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