The Europe we want

A vote for candidates belonging to the European socialist family is a vote for a social, democratic, and sustainable Europe.

As the far-right threat looms like a dark cloud over Europe, a majority of Labour seats in the Maltese delegation in the European Parliament following this week’s European elections would help strengthen the European socialist family, the largest progressive force in Europe, that is heading into these elections with continued determination to transform our societies and improve the lives of European citizens.

“Building from our values of solidarity, equality and responsibility, this document sets out the Europe we want. That is a Union that protects people with strong social rights, rejects the far-right attack on democracy, and recognises the urgent need to guarantee a sustainable and fair society,” said the Party of European Socislists (PES) President Stefan Lofven. “With this manifesto, we want to bring hope to citizens. Hope that the crises that Europe faces can be overcome, together, and we can move forward to a more progressive Europe.”

20 commitments for a better Europe

In its electoral manifesto, PES has put forward 20 commitments for its common candidates and member socialist and social democratic political parties (including the Maltese Labour Party), for a Europe based on:

• The right to quality jobs with fair wages by guaranteeing workers’ rights, strengthening collective bargaining, democracy at work and supporting the self-employed.

• A new Green and Social Deal for a just transition with clean, secure and aff ordable energy; new quality jobs in a green, carbon-free circular economy; and a liveable planet.

• Strong democracy, where the rule of law is respected and defended by all.

• A strong and competitive European economy that prepares its industries and SMEs for the future.

• A protective Europe that defends people against the high cost of living, defends their jobs from unfair competition, and defends their health and their environment.

• A feminist Europe that stands up for equal rights, women’s control over their lives and bodies, and for an end to gender-based violence and discrimination.

• A Europe for young people that guarantees progress, autonomy, opportunities and eradicates job insecurity.

• The right to decent and aff ordable housing for all.

• A strategically independent Europe that defends its freedom, security and territorial integrity.

• A strong Europe in the world that promotes peace, security, cooperation, human rights and sustainable development.

A result of wide consultation

The PES election manifesto is the culmination of an extensive process of consultation and reflection within the PES family, with input from trade unions and civil society. This has included more than 85 in-person meetings, feedback from over 110 organisations, amounting to 550+ policy priorities and measures. These exchanges contributed to the PES Malaga resolution, adopted in November, which in turn served as the basis for the PES manifesto.

Read the PES’ electoral manifesto ‘The Europe we Want’ here.

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