The lowest early school leavers rate ever recorded

The early school leavers rate is higher for boys (12.1%) compared to girls (7.6%).

On the day the Government launched a grant for those parents with children who continue with studies beyond the compulsory age education, Eurostat published statistics on the early school leavers rate across the European Union.

In Malta the rate fell to 10% in 2023, the lowest rate ever observed for the country. In 2012 the rate was 18.1%, while across the Union it was 12.6%. Only Spain and Portugal had a higher rate than Malta. Malta had a gap of 5.5% with the rest of Europe, where the rate was on average a third lower than Malta’s.

Last year the European average was 9.5%, or only 0.5% more than in Malta. In Malta the rate of early school leavers has almost halved since 2012, while in Europe the decline was of a quarter. While in 2012 there were only two countries with higher rates than Malta, Spain, and Portugal, there were now seven countries in 2023, because Malta now also ranks better than Germany, Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, and Romania.

Malta’s early school leavers rate is higher among boys (12.1%) than among girls (7.6%). In fact, for the first time, in 2023 the rate of female early school leavers in Malta was below the European average.  

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