The Malta Flimkien manifesto: numbers and keywords

The Malta Flimkien manifesto launched yesterday has 288 pages with 1,000 proposals, divided across 20 chapters.

These 1,000 proposals will cost 3.3 billion.

In the weeks before the manifesto was approved, almost 100 proposals were announced. Proposals covering from the largest environmental investment ever discussed, large cuts in tax burdens and significant increases in benefits, strong support for children and young people and a clear strategy how to ensure our country makes a success of the digital core and environmental transformation.

Beyond the proposals, Labour’s manifesto is dominated by five keywords, which have been mentioned almost 1,200 times.

More / better – 432

To enable – 380

Children / Young people – 147

Environment / Sustainability – 118

Elderly / pensioners – 101

These keywords make clear the direction and the vision of the Labour Party. This is the detailed plan of action of a movement that knows where it wants to take the nation.

A movement that after building the foundations of the country’s economic and social progress is now taking Malta and Gozo towards a new prosperity.

A country that will continue to invest in infrastructure and education but will be allocating a larger amount of funding to improve the environment in our urban areas and villages.

The Labour manifesto focuses on measures to regenerate areas in our country that so far have not enjoyed enough economic and social development. Through new incentives a new Labour Government will be driving a culture change in our country so that it continues to move forward.

After the success of the youth guarantee, a child guarantee will be introduced. This will make our country more equal.

After the success of the youth guarantee, a child guarantee will be introduced.

Families and businesses will be given a new impetus to continue to have economic development while at the same time, having the resources to make the investments required to decarbonise and digitise our country.

Innovations in social policy to make housing more affordable will be strengthened, especially by providing new incentives – such as the new grant for first time buyers to finance their mortgage.

Even in education, a series of proposed reforms, will lead to strong support for families from the time they support their young children’s extracurricular education to when they support them through their post-secondary and tertiary education.

The manifesto has a large support framework for the elderly and pensioners – proposing a full widow’s pension, free medicines for pensioners, a sharp increase in the state pension, better access to the energy benefit and better senior citizens grants.

€700 million in new green open spaces.

The biggest tax cuts for families.

The first reduction in the tax burden on businesses.

The child guarantee and an increase in children’s allowance.

Substantial increases in pensions and free medicines.

Support to first time buyers.

Assistance to families whose children continue studying and for students themselves.

Better access to IVF, contraceptives, and menstruation-related products.

Continuous improvement in governance, reforms, and new rights.

Economic regeneration across Malta, and increased support for Gozo.

This is just a taste of the Malta Flimkien manifesto.

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