The PN has no spokesperson on the Economy

On the day he announced his economic proposal Bernard Grech lost all his economy spokespersons.

On the day he announced what he considers his main economic proposal for this election campaign, Bernard Grech lost all his Party’s spokespersons on this vital sector. This when both Claudio Grech and Kristy Debono announced that they will not contest the general election.

As a result, no one is sure who of the current PN candidates would be appointed Minister for the Economy if the Nationalist Party were to win the election.

At a time when our country will be going through a delicate process of recovering from the biggest economic challenge ever, this lack of not just an experienced spokesperson, but even of an actual person responsible for the economy is worrying for democracy.

This lack of economic spokespersons is so evident that it had to be Bernard Grech who presented the Opposition’s proposal on his own.

No one is sure who of the current PN candidates would be appointed Minister for the Economy if PN were to win the election.

In his interventions it was clear that he was not prepared, as in addition to avoiding questions on specific details he showed that he did not know exactly what he was talking about.

So far, it has been quite evident that no candidates are appearing with Bernard Grech when he is speaking.

This is an indication of the ongoing internal fighting within the Party. It seems that at the moment instead of supporting the Leader, the prospective candidates of the various Opposition factions are busy campaigning against each other in the electoral districts to take each other’s seat.

So far in the last few weeks Bernard Grech has lost David Thake, the green economy spokesman, Hermann Schiavone, spokesperson on the construction industry, Clyde Puli, spokesperson on education, Claudio Grech, spokesperson on research and innovation, Kristy Debono, spokesperson on financial services, and Mario Galea, spokesperson on mental health.

This while he tried but failed to remove Joe Ellis, the social dialogue spokesperson. The spokesperson for governance, Therese Comodini Cachia, will also not contest.

This means that from a shadow cabinet of 27, Bernard Grech has so far lost seven, or one in four.

And this seems to be a developing story. More to come.

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