The PN proposals on sports magically double

In the first week of the campaign, Peter Agius had declared the PN had 12 proposals in its manifesto that would improve animal rights. When one looks at the manifesto there are 3.

Graham Bencini has beaten this record. In a press conference he declared that the PN has 20 proposals in its manifesto on sports. Now if one goes to the latest version of the manifesto, the sports section includes just 10, spanning from proposal 109 to proposal 118. So, Graham Bencini literally pulled 10 new proposals out of the metaverse!

For instance, he dreamt up a scheme whereby those who sponsor clubs or associations will benefit from a tax credit of up to 50%. If you look for this proposal in the manifesto, it is nowhere to be found.

Similarly he said that there will be a budget of 2 million for the Small Nations’ Games. Of course this does not feature in any of the five versions of the PN manifesto. He also said that the PN manifesto includes the introduction of a tax credit for special leave for athletes.

The Graham Bencini incident, just like the Peter Agius one, is the reason why we cannot expect any costings from the PN. How can you cost something that changes all the time? Ivan Bartolo has explained this away saying that planning is a live process and it cannot stop.

For those asking how many proposals related to sports the Labour manifesto has…the answer is 45. 

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Raymond Coates
Raymond Coates
2 years ago

The P N can not be Trusted its as simple as that.