The Ultimate Sin

There is one thing that Religion seems to be fixated on: Sex. Unless this is done between a married couple in a missionary position without condoms or sort, it is considered sinful. But the Ultimate Sin is considered to be Abortion. I mean, a man can be a serial adulterer and swindler, but if he goes to church and is anti-abortion then there is hope for him. If a man, on the other hand, is prochoice, let alone pro-abortion, then the fires of hell await him. The fact that some people can’t even differentiate between the two tells us enough of the Catholic mindset.

I have fun, sometimes, for my sins, watching Facebook posts by people like Ivan Grech Mintoff, who states that Malta “has a lot to learn from Orban.” Now to admire a tyrant like Orban who suppresses democracy just because he is anti LGBTIQ tells us how much these people have no understanding of justice. But I digress. The Ultimate Sin in these people’s minds remains Abortion. They are so fixated on the issue that they have adopted the besieged mindset that all those not in their favour are against them. Which is why Ivan Grech Mintoff’s movement is probably so anti-MGRM (The MGRM has no stand on Abortion).

It somehow reminds me of an Ozzy Osbourne song . . . no, not THE ULTIMATE SIN, but another called ROCK ‘N’ ROLL REBEL. To quote but a few lines:

The ministry of truth that deals with pretense
The ministry of peace that sits on the fence

The ministry of fear that won’t let you live
The ministry of grace that doesn’t forgive

The ministry of war that got caught in the draft

The ministry of joy that still hasn’t laughed

The above lyrics capture perfectly the mindset of the zealous- the whitened coffins, their Master called them. 

But what happens exactly during a medical Abortion? The zealous would have us believe that ugly Edward Scissorhand-like claws enter the womb to tear the foetus apart. The irony of the situation is that this could only happen if the mother is forced to have an unsafe Abortion because of restrictive laws like those in our country. 

What really happens in safe abortions is that the mother is given a pill that dissolves the foetus in its early stages. Now, do I agree with Abortion? No, I don’t. I think that if a woman is raped or has had unsafe sex, then she should use the Morning-After Pill to stop the pregnancy. However, for this to happen, it must be available over the counter in ALL pharmacies, not only those who have no moral objection to it. I would however vote for the decriminalisation of Abortion and also its introduction because I trust a woman to make her decision, not the State or the zealous.

So where does Malta currently stand on Abortion Legislation? Much still needs to be done but the recent survey by Malta Today is encouraging. It shows that 17% of PL supporters are in favour of such legislation and another 17.5% of these supporters would not be adverse to it. On the other side of the political spectrum, 14.5% of PN supporters would be in favour with another 13.8% who do not know and therefore would likely not be adverse to it. These numbers are encouraging as they show a growth in maturity in the Maltese electorate, in spite of the scaremongering going on.

What infuriates me is the behaviour of some, including the current President. How can the President of a democratic Republic in the EU cosy up to Ivan Grech Mintoff and his band, when their track record on social rights is so abominable, and then keep at arm’s length scientific organisations like Doctors for Choice? Ah yes, because Abortion is the Ultimate Sin. But it is already clear that History will prove all wrong. All we need is to wait for a couple more generations and this situation will be laughed at by our children.

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