The Valletta Design Cluster: What’s in it for you?

The Valletta Cultural Agency recently inaugurated the Valletta Design Cluster, a space that opens up new opportunities for creatives and artists working in the field of design to take their projects to the next level. Users can access tools, equipment and spaces to learn, share their knowledge, and take their organisations forward. Whether still a student or an established practitioner, these new facilities are available to assist design-related organisations to fulfil their aspirations.

Design is understood as a broad term often used in relation to the creation and planning of objects, systems, buildings, interiors, roads, art, sound, food, fashion, vehicles, machinery, virtual reality, websites, mobile apps and much more. Having said that, the meaning of design can greatly vary from one field to another depending on its application. It is described by design schools as much as an art as it is a science. 

At the Valletta Design Cluster, we see design as a user-centred approach to problem-solving, encompassing a wide range of services and products but always with a view to improving well-being and making a positive change to people’s lives. To this effect, our understanding of design is informed by principles of inclusivity, co-creation and experimentation. Cultural practice, sustainable enterprise, and socially engaged initiatives can be important contributors in translating this vision into reality.

The main facilities at the Valletta Design Cluster are accessible via a membership scheme aimed at providing equitable accessibility to resources, safeguarding health and safety to users, and ensuring an effective management of the members community. The scheme runs in two strands: (a) A Regular Members’ Strand and (b) a Studio-Based Members’ Strand.

Regular membership is open to individuals and organisations active in the cultural and creative sector and design-related activities, and provides access to the shared facilities within the building, namely the co-working space, the makerspace, meeting rooms, the foodspace, and related facilities.

Studio-based members are provided with access to all the above-mentioned facilities as well as exclusive access to one of the studios at the Cluster. 

Membership is open to students and individuals, registered NGOs, micro-enterprises, organisations addressing design practice, cultural activity and social well-being. 

For the full details and to become a member visit the Valletta Design Cluster page:

Catherine Tabone is the CEO of the Valletta Cultural Agency

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