The voice and mission of a Maltese-Gazan woman

“Our women are mothers, and they have nothing to do with the war,” Palestinian-Maltese Sanaa El-Nahhal tells European Parliament election candidate Marija Sara Vella Gafà.

On Women’s Day, Labour candidate for the 8th June European Parliament election Marija Sara Vella Gafà spoke to Sanaa El-Nahhal, a Palestinian-Maltese woman who’s president of the Arabic Culture Information Society (ACIS) and who is travelling to Gaza with the first of two containers of humanitarian aid donated by the Maltese people. 

During their conversation, El-Nahhal described the situation for women in Gaza as “incredibly challenging”.

“I want to emphasise once more the harrowing statistic that, today alone, 31,000 individuals lost their lives, with women and children making up 70% of these casualties. Consequently, there isn’t a single woman in Gaza who hasn’t lost a family member, be it a child, spouse, or another relative, to this conflict. The objective of this war appears to aim at seizing the entirety of Gaza, deeply affecting its female population,” said El-Nahhal.

“On this International Women’s Day, it’s crucial to amplify the voices of Gazan women. Every woman in Gaza faces immense suffering and deserves dignity and a chance at a better life. As Saana El Nahhal, identifying as Maltese in Gaza, it’s my mission to represent the voices of all Gazan women.”

Asked about her current situation, El-Nahhal  said that she is currently in the process of awaiting the necessary documents to verify the contents of the container. At the time of speaking, she had not yet managed to finalise the logistics of importing them into Egypt. Once they successfully enter Egypt and are securely stored in a warehouse, she plans to proceed to Gaza.

“I aim to personally oversee the delivery of the container, which has been a significant collective effort. Many parties, including Maltese citizens, our Ministry, the Ambassador, and various factories and companies have contributed extensively to prepare two containers. Their support has been invaluable in this endeavour. My primary concern is to ensure that these containers, filled with aid, do not end up being stolen, lost, or mistakenly sent back. It is my goal to accomplish what might seem like a miracle, to successfully bring in as much aid as possible,” said El-Nahhal.

European parliament election candidate Vella Gafà asked her what, in her opinion, is necessary to stop the war.

“This has become everyone’s wish, but after we have paid with a lot of blood for the Palestinians, it must be fair. The solution must be agreeable to both sides. Because we paid a lot for this freedom. We deserve to have freedom, for the people, and to have respect, for our children to have a life like other people’s children. Palestinian children are children like any others. They deserve to have schools, to have a country. Our women are women. They are mothers, they have nothing to do with war. They deserve to have a country, to have their own children, to have their own future,” were El-Nahhal’s emotional words.

Watch the interview here.

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