They call me Bernard and I drive an expensive car

Stuff your jealousy, peasants: his ride is too expensive to be used for Bernard’s own ‘abandon your car for a €10,000 voucher scheme’.

God bless him, with all that hard work and undeclared taxes how wouldn’t he have a kick-ass car?

But hey, back to car schemes, wasn’t it dodgy enough to be troubled by the taxman? Doesn’t seem so, we’re moving on to incentivising the nation to mass plunder the public coffer.

In his own words, ”I would get a car that costs less than 10k and give it up.” What a profit-making rascal.

And since Barney says sharing is caring, in his following breath he goes to confirm that even Labourites can follow suit.

Does he hear himself talk?

Hard to say, but if he does, he’s not too good at understanding his own words.

In his own words, ”I would get a car that costs less than 10k and give it up.”

We thought we grasped his figures, remember? 1 billion, 10 sectors, 100 million each. It almost rhymes, but he ruined it for us as well. And the strangest part of it is that no one seems to know how this sudden glorious plan ended up to be a 50-50 loan scheme. And confusion it is, the manifesto goes on with a 70% tinge.

Don’t push him too hard please for answers. He’s busy consulting his chief accountant on how to make his 10,000 grant tax-exempt. Pity his party lacks an economy spokesperson. He could have done that job in-house.

On a more serious note for those who don’t know who Barney is, he is America’s favourite purple dinosaur. Wouldn’t that make a wonderful pool floatie?

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