“This is a chance to shape our country’s future” – Ramona Attard

In between meetings and with a packed schedule, TheJournal.mt managed to steal some time from Dr Ramona Attard, President of the Labour Party, who is currently working on the finishing touches for next week’s party conference, with the theme “Renewing Malta together”.

Just over a year in office, Attard speaks about the Party’s enthusiasm to continue changing the country. She explains that next week’s conference is the next natural step after the publication of the 100 Ideas.

The 100 ideas initiative was a process launched by the Labour Party marking its 100th anniversary, whereby ten different policy fora engaged with different stakeholders and the general public in an open dialogue to discuss ideas on Malta’s economy, environment, health and well-being, Malta’s role in the Mediterranean, Europe and the world, equality, education, Malta’s democratic set-up, Gozo and Local Councils.

 “The conference follows the general conference held in July which adopted the 100 ideas, and is another opportunity for further discussion, and to consolidate ideas and principles which will contribute towards our vision for the future,said Attard.

The event is expected to reach its peak with a rally addressed by Prime Minister, Robert Abela, who he is expected to build on the vision he delivered in July’s conference.

Asked why now, the lawyer replied with a question, “why not?”

“As a party, we never shied away from discussions and opportunities, calling for ideas to boost our vision for a renewed Malta.”

As a party, we never shied away from discussions and opportunities.

“This week we have kick-started a discussion on the electoral system in Malta and next week there will be another discussion on IVF and sexual health. The Labour Party oozes energy and enthusiasm which is derived from our ambition for the future of our country.”

The events in the conference are not only restricted to party delegates or members, but for “anyone who wishes to contribute towards our vision to renew Malta.”

On the theme of the conference, “Renewing Malta together”, the PL President said that the Maltese population believes that the Labour Party is the only political force which has the credibility to change Malta.

Our commitment for change has been shown during the past eight years. Malta has changed radically for the better. Economic prosperity, practically no unemployment, the introduction of marriage equality, the enactment of the Gender Identity Act, free childcare, the reduction in the waiting period to acquire divorce, amongst many other examples.”

There has been a myriad of reforms to strengthen the rule of law such as the elimination of time-barring in corruption crimes, and a change in the way members of judiciary are appointed. Other changes affect key roles such as the Police Commissioner, now through a public call. There has also been a radical change in infrastructure, also with an increase in public open spaces, which we are committed to work much more upon,” she added.

Attard also refers to the economy, noting that under a Labour Government, we went from an economy in excessive deficit procedure to one which is so robust that we could afford wage supplements, government vouchers during the COVID pandemic and a tax free budget, like the one that will be presented next month.

This, whilst keeping committed to the electoral programme, focusing on social issues such as the recently announced guaranteed loans to disabled people and persons with chronic conditions and a historic reform of protected rents, offering a fair deal for both tenants and landlords.

Attard believes that this conference is another milestone as we have a chance to shape Malta’s future together.

Renewing Malta Together is not only our commitment for the future but is our daily ethos,” she concluded.


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