Top reads reveal our readers’ interests

The top 5 stories that captured your attention since's relaunch last October.

Since relaunched on 17th October 2023, thousands of you have tuned in to stay informed and engaged. But what content captured your attention the most? Today, we unveil the top five articles that kept you clicking in the first six months since the relaunch (data till 17th April 2024).

From interviews to analysis, these pieces reflect the issues that matter most to our readers.

1. Perhaps Labour needs a revamp: “Somehow, somewhere, something has been and is still going wrong. Perhaps even someone, or more than someone, has been getting it wrong.” An opinion article penned by Dr Mark Said, published on 16th March 2024.

2. Q&A with Claudette Abela Baldacchino: “Former MEP Claudette Abela Baldacchino is making a comeback bid on behalf of the Partit Laburista in the 8th June European Parliament elections. She shares her thoughts and beliefs in an 5-question interview with The Journal.” Published on 13th February 2024.

3. Paved with good intentions: “The Paola case has highlighted the need not only of robust infrastructure but also of duly enforced traffic management plans and designated maintenance responsibilities in future cobblestone paving projects.” An opinion article written by ‘The Journal’ editor Sandro Mangion, published on 8th February 2024.

4. Q&A with Thomas Bajada: “Thomas Bajada, the latest candidate approved by Partit Laburista for the 8th June European Parliament elections, answers 5 questions from The Journal.” Published on 17th February 2024.

5. Some Malteasers: A blog entry from the series ‘Letter from Lilliput’, by Navigator, focusing on the state of the Maltese language and the issue of the laptop belonging to the  former Marsaxlokk parish priest, who is accused of fraud and money-laundering, vanishing from the court. Published on 27th February 2024.

Where are our readers based?

The following ten countries represent the geographical origin of our largest reader bases.

1. Malta72.2%
2. United States5.9%
3. United Kingdom3.5%
4. Belgium2.8%
5. Ireland1.4%
6. France1.4%
7. Italy1.3%
8. Germany1.1%
9. Sweden1%
10. Australia1%
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