Transforming Mater Dei

A breakdown of the new action plan for Malta’s largest state-run hospital.

An action plan for the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit (ITU) at Mater Dei Hospital has been announced in a bid to address waiting times in the Emergency Department and the need for more space and beds in the ITU.

This announcement follows the recent reforms in the mental health sector and the master plan for the Gozo General Hospital.

Key changes with patient well-being as a priority

Expansion of the Emergency Department: Within three years, the Emergency Department will be expanded with the addition of a new floor and external expansion. The existing 30 cubicles will be increased to 70.

New Emergency Call Centre: A new call centre with the number 1400 will be established. Patients will be able to discuss symptoms with specialists before requiring emergency assistance.

Improved transport links: A helipad is being constructed at the Gozo Hospital, and the helipad next to Mater Dei will be reinstated to reduce travel time.

Investment in parking: There will be investment in the parking facilities next to the Emergency Department

Relocation of services: Due to the limited size of Mater Dei, services such as outpatients and day surgery will be relocated to the Ċensu Moran Centre and St Luke’s Campus. This will free up around 600 beds for patients at Mater Dei.

Increase in ITU beds: Ancillary investments will increase the number of ITU beds by about 40% from the current 120 beds.

Conversion of conference rooms: Conference rooms will be converted into ITU rooms to create additional space for more beds.

Specialised mental health unit: An additional investment of around €33 million will be made for a specialised mental health care unit.

All of these changes are designed to improve the overall healthcare experience and ensure better service for patients at Mater Dei Hospital.

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