Travel abroad soars alongside tourist boom

A significant 179,000 Maltese residents traveled during the first quarter this year.

We have all heard about Malta’s record-breaking tourist influx, but this week brought fresh data showing a surge in Maltese residents travelling abroad too.

Almost 179,000 Maltese residents travelled in the first three months of this year. This meant an increase of just over 20,800, or 13%, over the same priod last year. Almost seven in ten of this increase were people using low-cost airlines. While the most who went abroad were those aged 25 to 44, the biggest increase compared to a year ago was among those aged 45 to 64.

As regards destination, the majority chose an EU country, and there was a 10% increase in travel to the EU. There was, however, a larger percentage increase, of 21%, to destinations outside the Union. On average, those who travelled spent almost 7 nights on their holiday. Overall stays reached almost 1.2 million nights abroad, an increase of almost 11%.

Those who travelled spent more than €160 million, or almost €29 million more than last year. This means that each person spent €896 on their holiday.

The most popular destination was Italy, comprising half of all those who travelled from Malta.

In a recent statement, Malta International Airport reported that April was also a good month for the travel industry, with a 9% increase over the past year.

Photo: William Foti

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