‘Use Your Vote’ video reaches over 504 million views

The production underlines that democracy and voting cannot be taken for granted.

As the European election campaign ends, the ‘Use your vote’ film, highlighting the importance of voting and safeguarding democracy, was viewed 504.2 million times by 2nd June, the European Parliament has announced.

The main audiovisual product of the EP’s election campaign features testimonies of senior citizens from different EU countries passing on their stories about democracy to the next generations and underlining that democracy and voting cannot be taken for granted.

Besides the views on social media platforms, video streaming, connected TV, and mobile display, the film in its different formats (4-minute documentary and shorter 30-second, 15-second and 6-second clips designed for social media) has been shown by TV channels across the continent, and also in venues such as cinemas and football stadiums.

With ‘Use Your Vote. Or others will decide for you’ as its tagline, the second phase of the institutional election campaign encompassed a multifaceted approach, including media events, digital outreach, public and private partners’ involvement, community engagement initiatives and educational programmes tailored to resonate with citizens across the EU.

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