Vjal il-Ħelsien is becoming green once again

Planting of a number of trees in Vjal il-Ħelsien, Ħaż-Żebbuġ, has started as part of a project by Ambjent Malta.

The main road, considered to be the entrance to Ħaż-Żebbuġ, was stripped of its greenery in 2011 when the previous administration uprooted around 60 trees.  

This uprooting took place as part of a road infrastructure project by the previous administration which changed the landscape for good.

Despite this, through a €200,000 investment, Ambjent Malta managed to begin planting 50 holm oak trees, 4 jacaranda trees, and 108 myrtus shrubs.

The news was very well received by Żebbuġ residents who have fond memories of the previously green road.

Speaking to theJournal.mt, a resident recounted the heartbreak of looking on as the trees were being uprooted a decade ago. “Many of us wished to have some greenery back in the principal entrance of Ħaż-Żebbuġ, because we deserve as much. This is excellent news.”

The interventions in this project also include excavation works for the construction of various planters along Vjal il-Helsien and the supply and installation of street furniture.

The new project will see the installation of cycling racks and the planting of various trees and shrubs.

It is part of an effort to create greener, more liveable communities, while also helping Malta combat climate change and the negative effects of urbanisation.

Greening projects aid communities to reduce ambient temperature and thus reduce the urban heat island effect, given that trees cover and vegetation cool the area through the evaporating moisture.

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