Voting dos and don’ts

The necessary steps and precautions to ensure your vote is valid and counted.

To ensure a smooth and lawful voting process, it’s essential for voters to be aware of the specific actions they must take and those they must avoid.

The following guidelines outline the necessary steps and precautions to ensure your vote is valid and counted. Please review these instructions carefully to familiarise yourself with the correct procedures for voting day, as well as the activities that are strictly prohibited to maintain the integrity of the electoral process.

Guidelines for voters

Lost or cancelled voting document: If a voting document is lost or cancelled, apply for another by Wednesday, 5th June 2024 at 9pm at the electoral offices in Malta and Gozo. The replacement document will be marked ‘SPECIAL’.

Day of voting: On Saturday 8th June, bring only the new voting document, even if the previously lost document is found.

Illegitimate possession: If you have another person’s voting document illegitimately, forward it immediately to the rightful owner or the electoral authorities before polling day.

Polling place address: Verify the address of your polling place as it may have changed since the last election.

Polling location and hours: Vote only at the specified place and booth shown on your document, between 7am and 10pm.

Queue preference: Queue preferences may be granted according to Electoral Commission rules.

Required documents: Bring the necessary documents for both elections if applicable.

Identity verification: Be prepared to be questioned or required to swear/affirm your identity if there are discrepancies with your document.

Ballot paper check: Ensure the ballot paper has the official Electoral Commission stamp at the back. Without this stamp, the ballot is invalid.

Marking the ballot:

  – Use the provided pencil.

  – Number your preferences (1, 2, 3, etc.) without repeating numbers.

  – Write clearly within the boxes.

  – Do not write any comments or marks on the ballot.

Requesting a new ballot: If you make a mistake, request a new ballot paper.

Leaving the voting booth: Leave nothing behind in the voting booth.

Folding the ballot: Fold the ballot paper so the stamp is visible and show it to the Assistant Commissioners before placing it in the ballot box.

Ballot boxes: Place ballot papers in the correct boxes – one for Members of the European Parliament and another for Local Councils, each with a distinct coloured lid. The local council election box lid is black, while the uropean election box lid is grey.

Requesting assistance: If you need help filling in the ballot paper, request assistance and make a solemn declaration if required.

No proxy voting: No one can fill in a ballot on behalf of another voter.

Electoral commissioner assistance: If you need help, only the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission can mark your ballot.

Assistant commissioners’ duties: All assistant commissioners are sworn to maintain secrecy and faithfully perform their duties.

What a voter should not do

Document fraud: Do not falsify, imitate, counterfeit, or destroy a voting document, or possess it illegitimately.

Political propaganda: Do not enter the polling station wearing political propaganda.

Parking: Do not park within 50 metres of the polling booth entrance, except in permissible cases.

Ballot fraud: Do not counterfeit, imitate, or fraudulently alter a ballot.

Ballot box misuse: Do not cast anything other than the ballot paper into the ballot box.

Removing ballots: Do not remove ballot papers from the polling place.

Smoking: Do not smoke at the polling station.

Mobile phone use: Do not use a mobile phone while inside the polling place.

Photography and videography: Do not take photographs or videos at the polling station or of the ballot paper.

Loitering: Do not stand around the election area before and after voting.

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