“We must act now on climate change” – Robert Abela

“We need to realise that climate change is with us, so we need to act now.”

Prime Minister Robert Abela made this declaration as he was participating in the Council of the Party of European Socialists in Brussels. 

Socialist Prime Ministers, Party Leaders and European Commissioners are meeting in Brussels to set out the progressive vision for the future of Europe.

The Council warmly welcomed newly elected German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who managed to win back Germany for the Socialists following Angela Merkel’s 16-year reign.

Prime Minister Robert Abela emphasised that governments can provide incentives for people and companies to go green, while ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected. This, he added, is what is being done in Malta.

Olaf Scholz (Germany), Magdalena Andersson (Sweden), Pedro Sanchez (Spain), Antonio Costa (Portugal), Sanna Marin (Finland) & Robert Abela during the panel discussion.

Malta is now heading towards a shift to electric vehicles, including in public transport. However, one must acknowledge that these vehicles are not affordable to everyone as their prices are still high.

“This is why next year, Malta will become one of the first EU member states to provide free public transport for all,” he remarked.

Moreover, those who will switch to electric cars will be given a grant of 12,000.  

The Prime Minister also referred to the newly introduced shore-to-ship system which will lead to less polution by ships entering the Maltese port.

Another important project mentioned by Prime Minister Abela is the ECOHIVE plant, which will convert waste into energy. This project involves an investment of half a billion Euros.

The Prime Minister reiterated his message that countries must act on climate change and that people who cannot afford to make the transition should be aided.

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