What did you read?

Curious what captivated the minds of The Journal's readers in June?

From politics and social justice to local developments, June on thejournal.mt offered a diverse range of articles that captured your attention.

The top 5 most-read stories reveal a strong interest in both local concerns, like the regeneration of a Gozitan square, and international issues, such as the ongoing debate about the plight of the Palestinian people and Malta’s foreign policy.

Dive in to see which articles resonated most with our readers.

  1. We need liberal socialism: “It means a stop to corrupt politics and corporate greed, which have been as bad under Labour as they were under the Nationalists”. An opinion article by Frans Camilleri, published on 20th June 2024.
  2. A renewed sense of community: “The main square in Ta’ Sannat, Gozo, has been completely revamped.” A story by The Journal‘s team, published on 5th June 2024.
  3. Palestine: a shift in Malta’s foreign policy?: “A spotlight on Malta’s stance on the ‘State of Palestine’.” An opinion article by Stefan Buhagiar, published on 3rd June 2024.
  4. Tap water: can you – and will you – drink it?: “To improve the taste of Malta’s tap water, the WSC is investing in AI technology to maximise its blending potential of desalinated water and groundwater.” A story by The Journal‘s team, published on 15th January 2024.
  5. To reap or cull what hope remains: A review by Prof. John Baldacchino of the new anthology ‘Il-Ħsad tal-Peprin: Poeżiji għal Gaża’, the collective expression of 40 Maltese poets who felt they couldn’t remain silent in the face of the injustice endured by the Palestinian people – published on 20th June 2024.

Top story

Meanwhile, the article ‘Perhaps Labour needs a revamp‘ has been the most popular read since thejournal.mt resumed publication in October 2023. The opinion piece, penned by Dr Mark Said, was published on 16th March 2024 and warned that “while the Labour movement seems comfortably numb, sitting on its laurels and riding on the crest of two successive record-breaking and resounding electoral victories … the enviable majority that Labour enjoyed until a few months ago is continuously being nibbled away.”

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