What would you change in our education system?

It’s a heavy question. But it’s the one which Labour Youths, Partit Laburista’s youth wing is attempting to address tonight.

From fighting gender stereo-typing at school, to the mandatory shooling age, homework reform and a fairer and more equal educational system. These are some of the issues to be explored tonight, as President of Żgħażagħ Laburisti, Georvin Bugeja explained to TheJournal.mt.

The aim of “Renewing the educational experience” is primarily to have an elaborate and open discussion about our current educational system and how are we going to reform this sector, Bugeja explains.

 “We want to push ideas forward, and serve as an example of how an inclusive and equal education system can provide the upcoming generations with the necessary life skills to be better citizens.

He referred to how COVID-19 showed us the importance of the digitalisation of society, including in the education sector.

“We must ensure that this does not impose further risks of young people being marginalised because they are lacking the infrastructure or resources to access online educational services. We need to look beyond our comfort zone and discover how to make significant progress in this area,” Bugeja added.

Tonight’s discussion includes not only students, parents and professionals, but also representatives of civil society, including the Chamber of Commerce.

Should the age of mandatory schooling rise to 18?

Bugeja said that Labour Youths is approaching tonight’s discussion with an open mind, hoping to touch upon as many aspects as possible. He referred to the recent debate on whether the age of mandatory schooling should rise to 18, saying that this subject raises a number of issues which should be considered.

“How prepared is the work-force? How can we ensure that social skills are learnt in a way that society can become more inclusive? Can culture, sports and other areas which are not usually considered as a potential career or profession be considered as such? How can we ensure that the upcoming generations are skilled with the necessary tools for the future, in order for our country to be prepared and competitive?” He asked.

Bugeja enquired further.

Are we fighting gender stereo-types at school? Do we have an education system which promotes critical thinking and an analytical approach to what is presented to society? Or are we simply interested in assessing students on their grades? Do we listen enough to students? And how are students being represented? These are all areas which we need to discuss in principle, think and propose a solution,” he added.

Asked about the role of Labour Youths within the Party, Georvin Bugeja said that throughout the years, Youths within Partit Laburista have been pivotal in promoting a progressive agenda, “and we must continue this legacy”.

“Youths within Partit Laburista have been pivotal in promoting a progressive agenda. We must continue this legacy.”

From the youngest members of Żgħażagħ Laburisti who form our Ġenerazzjoni 16 team, to our older members, everyone wants to contribute in the major reforms our country has to go through. We have achieved so much, but we can never be done with change and progress because as society evolves, so should our policies.

He said that although the pandemic has had its effect on activism, more young people have approached ŻL tojoin the team. The youth wing within Partit Laburista, he added, is working tirelessly to continue representing its generation’s interest both locally and internationally.

This is why we convinced our European comrades to organise the Young European Socialists’ Congress in Malta, for the first time, this October. We will be discussing sustainability, the environment, the climate change crisis as well as the economic and social post-COVID recovery.

We are looking forward to continuing being the force of change in Malta, and a progressive voice of more opportunities abroad,” Bugeja ended.

This is another side-event of Partit Laburista’s Conference organised throughout this weekend, and coming to an end with a rally addressed by Prime Minister Robert Abela on Monday.

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