Who cooks at home, mum or dad?

It is not often for children of heterosexual couples to be asked which parent cooks at home. Even in 2021, most people assume that it’s the mother that does all the cooking. How about asking children how do they feel to have a mother and a father? Or who gave birth to them. Absurd questions, you might think.

Well, for children of same sex couples, being asked these silly questions is the order of the day. That’s what led teenage activists Gabriel, Haymanot and Alejandro to work on this video to showcase how absurd such questions are.

The video, prepared in collaboration with the Spanish Association for LGBTIQ Families (GALEHI), and Network of European LGBTIQ Families Association (NELFA) brings together a number of children of same sex couples, asking questions they get asked on a daily basis, due to lack of education and awareness on rainbow families across Europe and the world.

Gabriel, Haymanot and Alejandro were the protagonists of an event organised by the European Parliament intergroup on children’s rights during World Pride 2021 in Copenhagen on Saturday, where they gave their testimonies on being raised in rainbow families.

“I was adopted by my two Spanish fathers when I was 2 years old. Unlike other families, when we travel abroad, we have to check whether the country we’re visiting recognises our family or not,” said Gabriel.

He also explained, emotionally how his father had to refuse a very good job opportunity in Poland because he realised that they would lose all their family rights should they move to Poland.

“I’m not that well versed in law and how it comes into effect. But all I can tell you is that it’s not very difficult to make people happy and to give them rights,” in an emotional plea to MEPs present.

The event was also addressed by Malta’s former President Marie Louise Coleiro-Preca who gave a thorough overview of the important work being done in Malta by the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society. She appealed to MEPs to keep up the fight for the rights of all children around Europe and the world, since children’s rights are human rights.

During the meeting, a number of MEPs and activists praised Malta for the success it achieved in the field of civil liberties, as well as Commissioner Helena Dalli for being the first European Commissioner to launch an EU LGBTIQ Strategy.

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