Why manifesto costings matter

As we count the days until we’re asked to cast the vote to choose who will lead us in the next five years, on theDailySpot #29 we ponder on the importance of having costed measures to make an informed decision. 

The Labour Party’s 3.3 billion euro manifesto includes costed measures across various sectors. 

The process of costing the measures reveals a very important principle. 

With the Labour manifesto, we know that environment is being given a priority as the budget allocated for green open space projects is 700 million euro – on par with the budget for road projects in the previous manifesto.

We’ve also seen the 140 million euro for children’s guarantee.

32 million euro to help families with students

15 million euro in making IVF better and more accessible

65 million euro in urban regeneration and economic stimulation.

At the end of the day, what costings reveal is good planning. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from the uncertain times we’ve lived through in the past couple of years — it’s the importance of good planning. 

Good administration of the pandemic, for instance, would not have been possible if not for this responsible way of governing. 

At the end of the day, what costings reveal is good planning.

It is due to good financial planning that, for instance, government is also putting aside 200 million as a contingency for energy price stability, particularly due to uncertain times the whole world is facing due to the war in Ukraine.

Let’s not forget the problems our country faced when the budget for major projects was undershot. So let’s not allow others to convince us that costings don’t matter or that it can be something that is calculated as an after-thought. 

Through proper planning and budgeting, a new government can address the issues that matter the most. 

The Nationalist Party doesn’t think that it’s important to reveal the cost of their manifesto. 

What happens next Saturday will determine whether Malta embarks on a stable course towards an economic recovery that is already projected to top EU score boards, or whether it will slip into the unknown territory of disjointed and uncosted proposals.

We’re now around 90 hours away and the Nationalist Party is still without a costed well explained vision for Malta.

Without a costed plan, can a party aspire to govern in such global uncertainty? What does that say about the preparedness of a party in opposition vying for Government?

Why let others gamble on your future?

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