Zooming ahead in the sustainable transport race

Three out of four new car sales last year were for options that are not solely reliant on fossil fuels.

Information published in a statement by the National Statistics Office (NSO) shows that, in 2023, there was great success in the electrification of transport in Malta: three out of every four new cars bought were not solely powered by fossil fuels.

In fact, last year, the stock of passenger cars increased by 6,620. Of these, only 1,686 were fuelled by petrol or diesel. In contrast there was an increase of 1,563 fully electric cars, 1,058 plug-in cars, 2,254 hybrids, and 59 cars which use LPG. This means that almost eight out of every ten new cars were not solely reliant on fossil fuels.

A similar success was observed in public transport. In this regard, the number of electric buses reached 39, or 8% of all vehicles. A year earlier the ratio was less than 2%.

Looking globally for all new vehicles that took to the Maltese roads, only four out of ten were powered only by petrol or diesel. Almost half of these new polluting vehicles were motorcycles. In fact, it was only a quarter of new motorcycles that do not run only on conventional fuel. There is, then, the goods-carrying sector, with an even worse record. In this case we had an increase of 1,384 vehicles, and nine out of ten were working with either petrol or diesel alone.

All this indicates how much electrification is reliant on the incentives that are being  offered by the Government and how crucial it is to broaden them to hit particular sectors where the green transition is not progressing.

Photo: César Baciero

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