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Who wants what, where?

This snapshot of Malta's housing market reveals a clear divide between first-time buyers and foreign renters in their preferred property locations. It also shows that Malta’s homeownership rate has held steady for a decade. The average age of first-time property purchasers in Malta is approximately 30 years, the 2023 Housing Authority report reveals. Furthermore, about 73% of these buyers, who took advantage of the government’s grant programme, were aged between 25 and 34 years. As...

Increasing wages sustainably

Improved productivity, coupled with tight macroeconomic policies which limit companies from passing on higher costs to consumers, are essential if economies are to afford much higher wages without fanning inflation. With the Budget speech still fresh in most people’s minds, it is difficult not to pay attention to the business lobby and its various organisations complaining about higher wages.  Joseph Farrugia, director general of the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA),...

Savouring stability

A joint initiative between the Government, food importers, and retailers has come to fruition. It revolves around price stability and cheaper prices for certain food items which are most thought to be consumed by the population at large and items that are most prone to a rise in price. For most of this year, consumers in Malta will be able to purchase certain food items for 15 per cent less than what is referred to as the recommended retail price (RRP) as at 31st October 2023. The initiative will start on 1st February and is set to run until Budget...